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I tried putting together some important, and not so, stuff while also trying to preserve some comfy feeling and not make everything public. I know the den channel can be viewed by anyone so I used most of the info from there while also giving you some inside scoop from other channels but not being too concrete cause I’m trying to respect the space and consent (that I havent asked for) of others and and wanting that comfy feeling of the degen chat to be preserved.

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Week #3 - Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023
Week #2 - Dec 19, 2022 - Dec 25, 2022
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Lastest: Week #4 EVMavericks Update: Jan 2-8, 2023

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Starting New Year off with a bang! Important Information 👇

  1. The reelection process of stewards has begun. Apply in the #financial-steward-applications!

  2. Check out - Weekly Ethfinance Doots Roundup #1. And tune in next week!

  3. Get ETHFit with The-A-Word by following the 5Keth 7-week training schedule - here’s week 1!

  4. hanniabu.eth creates!

  5. Degen Fund. 2E Portfolio put into fast hands of degens in hopes of making more money. ‘Chad Fund’ name has been chosen. Multisig 2-of-5 has been voted for. Nominations are still open in the thread ‘Chad Fund - members nominations’ of #degen-chat. So far we have 4 confirmed, 3 pending nominations and 1 declined. You can find a small form at the top of the thread. Feel free to drop yours! Investment plans are not finalized and there is ongoing discussions around strategies too.

  6. Balancer tweets out this IMPORTANT Security message for some LPs to remove their liquidity, shared by Fuzz.

  7. Icobeast shares this article about how Staking is Taxed.

  8. Sku hops in and wants to contribute! We looove that! They are looking into collection’s fixing metadata. Austonst shares that ‘wrote a python script to “fix” EVM metadata a long time ago.’

  9. Talks between multisig members about trying to get EVMavericks being verified on OpenSea: what needs to be done and exploring options.

  10. Yieldaddy shares this article - Current Ethereum.

Opportuniteis to contribute:

Other Info:

As activity has been picking up I’m going to be slightly more selective:

  1. WBM says the Digital Chamber of Commerce is hosting an “education day” in March in Washington - all are invited.
  2. NaeNaeBaby shares what’s to come from Autominter: AI Generated images embedded into autominter, You can use any ERC-20 token to mint now, New emphasis on ads and onboarding normies, More faces, more transparency, opensource developing.
  3. EVM Fantasy Football League has concluted with: Cookie-Monster getting ALL the bragging rights. While they and replykindly did split the 1st and 2nd pots, icobeast takes the 3rd pot.
  4. TheBenMeadows and Doomfuzz drop their newest art in the #creators.
  5. Degen-chat sees more ENS alpha by whatthefuck and 696.
  6. A few new people joining the Lions🦁
  7. Some new people wandering into the public chat of the discord.
  8. More and more discussions and alpha being dropped in #the-den and #degen-chat.
  9. More random NFT shenanigans in the #degen-chat.
  10. Some convos about DAOs, what they can be, etc.